I am a Business Analyst for a women-owned international company and New York is where I happily live and work. I was born in Rome, Italy, and I started my professional path in Kigali, Rwanda, over ten years ago. After that, for so many years I was involved in the nonprofit sector that brought me in Africa, United States, Republic of Korea, and all around Europe. 

After a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science for the Cooperation and Development, a Master’s Degree with Honors in International Relations, I have studied at the New York University obtaining with excellent results the Certificate in Global Affairs from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. After that, I started to collaborate with Italian reviews as a Geopolitical Analyst.

Four years ago I began to be involved in diplomacy. I am a National Model United Nations lover and I traveled the world as a Delegate until I decided to switch and serve the National Collegiate Conference Association as a Volunteer Staff Member. Adrenaline, hard work, and networking, confirm me every day that having joined the Nmun Family has been one of the best decision in my life. In April 2017, I served as Unesco Assistant Director for the New York City conference. In March 2018, I will serve the same conference as Fao Assistant Director and I am actually working on an international publication.