Let’s Talk About… Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Disaster Science, Emergency Management, Energy Security, Environmental Justice, Homeland Security, Humanitarian Affairs

Disasters are political, and they require an interdisciplinary approach to investigate their triggers, mitigation, and management. As a disaster scientist, I research how to improve vulnerable communities’ disaster resilience by tailoring emergency management plans to local specificities by engaging a variety of stakeholders in the conversation, including communities, politicians, and policymakers.

It sounds easy to accomplish on paper but less in the real world, right? That is why my studies always include three key elements: In-the-field data collection, policy development strategies, and cost-benefit analysis so my policy recommendations can better advocate for themselves.

My passion for my research field also inspires my teaching. As an instructor, I encourage my students to think critically, and I challenge them with in-class presentations, simulations, and scenario-based activities. I foster their knowledge about international affairs and public policy by providing them with solid theoretical foundations and insights on how policymaking works within the national and international arenas to master the analysis of current events.

My commitment to the disaster science field makes me an active public speaker, with 30+ published policy commentaries. I have expertise in grant writing, project management, and multi-method research involving qualitative, quantitative, and spatial analysis.

I am a lifetime member of the Phi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society, a member of the Ad Hoc Graduate Student Academic Appeals Committee, a member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, a member of the Disaster and Emergency Research Network, founding member of the Southeast Chapter of the Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation, and among the researchers and co-founding members of the COVID-19 Working Group for Public Health and Social Sciences Research-Emergency Management and Policy Analysis in a Pandemic.