Teaching represents a vocation for me. The more I am in the classroom environment, and the more I enjoy empowering, inspiring, and mentoring my students. Teaching is for me a way to leave a mark in this world. By transferring knowledge to younger generations, I am able to give my expertise a continuation in the long run. My students feedback at the end of the semester when I taught for the first time, motivated me in continuing to do what I do, indeed, aspire to be a role model for my students while facilitating their learning and critical thinking skills.

As a teacher, I aim to provide students with: (1) Solid theoretical foundations in social science; (2) Vast analysis of case studies and real-world scenarios thanks to which they can observe theories in action; and (3) Strong leadership skills to become agents of social change. While I rely on lectures to teach foundational theories, I also incorporate several pedagogical practices, including flipped-classroom, problem- and student-based learning.

In many disciplines, including social science, scholarship is often written from the perspective and narrative of Western, white, males. For this reason, I intend to include materials written by a wide range of authors whose perspectives and narratives are reflecting the student body’s diversity. I always make sure to provide class materials that are either available at a low cost or for free via the university’s library system. This commitment is reflected in the inclusion of my Fall 2021 – INR4502 International Organizations class among the most affordable within the Florida state universities and colleges system by Florida’s Affordability Counts initiative.


INR4502 – International Organizations (Fall 2021)

INR4074 – Immigration Policy (Spring 2022)