Title: Coordinating the Chaos: How Institutions Influence Multi-actors Coordination in Emergency Management

Committee: Dr. Dr. Barbara Sgouraki Kinsey (Chair), Dr. Thomas M. Dolan, Dr. Kenicia Wright, Dr. Claire Connolly Knox (External Member)

Belligoni, S. (2021). Overcoming the Mistrust. How State Capacity Challenges Civil-military Humanitarian Coordination when Responding to Disasters. [Submitted for Peer-review]

Belligoni, S. (n.d.). Held in the Grip. Governing Institutions and Emergency Management Procedural Arrangements in the Cases of Florida and Puerto Rico. [Working Paper]

Belligoni, S. (n.d.). Lightless or Brighter. Governing Institutions and Post-disaster Recovery Paths in Florida and Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Michael and Maria. [Working Paper]



Researcher & Co-Founding Member

COVID-19 Working Groups for Public Health and Social Sciences Research: Emergency Management and Policy Analysis in a Pandemic

Funded by the National Science Foundation-funded Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) network and the CONVERGE facility at the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder (NSF Award #1841338)

Witkowski, K., Yeo, J., Belligoni, S., Ganapati, N. E., Corbin, T.; & Rivera, F. (2021). Florida as a COVID-19 Epicenter: Exploring the Role of Institutions in the State’s Response. [Submitted for Peer-review]