Saturday Morning in New York City

Finally, the week is over – it’s time to relax, enjoy the quietness of the Saturday morning, smell the coffee aroma, and taste a dessert. The sun is shining, the temperature is mild, and the snow is melting. These are all the elements for starting a nice weekend, that will be a longer one since Monday is the Presidential Day here in the US.

I decided to go out for a walk and do some errands. While walking, it seemed almost to be in Rome, my hometown. There were many people on the street, many of which were whole families who were going to the grocery store, or they were just taking a walk. You know, when the weather in New York gives you a sunny day, you can’t stay at home!

I was so struck by the similarity, unbelievable at times. There was peace, there was fruit to choose, there was the necessity to go to the post office, and there was the willingness to prepare a nice lunch for the family that is often something impossible to accomplish during the week. All of that brought me back to Rome, where life flows more slowly than it does in New York.

It was great to relax for a bit, squint the eyes because of the sun, be warmed by its rays, and smile to people around you. I felt at home while understanding that even so far from my hometown, life is made by the people that put it in place. It doesn’t matter if the language I was talking on the phone was the Italian, if the one of the cashier was the Chinese, and the one of the lady who was chosing oranges was Spanish  – we are all human beings, so you will always find some similarities in lifestyles.

Sara Belligoni

sat sun bis.jpg

Sunny New York – Queens