International Workers Day

On May 1st, the world celebrates the International Workers Day. However, each country observes a different tradition. In the United States, for instance, the International Workers Day is recognized, but it is a normal day at work because the Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday of September. Instead in Italy, my country of origin, today has been spent off from work.

Today, several newspapers published articles about the meaning of the International Workers Day. As following, a few articles from all over the world: The New York Times (United States), La Repubblica (Italy), Al Jazeera (Qatar), The Korea Times (Republic of Korea).

My intent with this post is to wish a Happy International Workers Day to my colleagues all over the world. In particular, my wishes are addressed to who is working today to assure a future to their children. To who is working out-of-age because the retirement wouldn’t be enough. To who is working despite illness because the state doesn’t recognize a proper protection. To who is working without being paid because they strongly believe that one day their sacrifices will be paid. To who is working in a place that doesn’t like but they continue to do that because they believe in their capacities. To who is working without the recognition of their rights but doesn’t stop to wake up every morning with the will to enhance their situation. To who is working far from home because they believe that one day they will be strong enough to get closer to their loved ones. To who is working and studying because it is the only way to complete their academic career. To who is working without deserving their position because one day they will face with their own conscience and it won’t be easy. Last but not least, to my parents because thanks to their work I have been able to study and pursuing a professional certificate from one of the best university in the world.

Sara Belligoni

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