Wall Street Run & Heart Walk

The American Heart & Stroke Association has been the promoter of the 2017’s Wall Street Run & Heart Walk that took place on May 18th at Brookfield Place – downtown Manhattan. The event involved around 12,000 participants and some of them came from all over the United States. Several private entities, as well as medical school, sponsored the event while bringing their employee and staff.

The event has been a success: over 2 million dollars have been raised as well the awareness about heart-related diseases. The event involved a huge number of volunteers and I was one of them: from my perspective, I can say that I would repeat that experience even tomorrow. People were genuinely proud to be part of that event, to be part of a family that strongly believes in the importance to raise the awareness around diseases that can be prevented. In fact, there are many factors that influence the happening of certain diseases and, even if sometimes there is no way to impede a heart attack or a stroke, there is always the chance to reduce the risk and/or recognize when one of those events are happening.

Moreover, it is very important to focus our attention on the measures and treatments that allow patients of one of those illnesses, to recover their health. In the case of stroke, the consequences can be very different: physical paralysis, difficulties in speaking and writing, and so any and so far. However, it is essential to start physiotherapy and/or speech therapy as soon as the life conditions of the patient are getting better. It is a long path, in which the family plays a key role: affection, help, support, and just understanding can make the difference.

I have a particular interest in supporting the work of the American Heart & Stroke Association and I strongly invite you all to take a look at their activities and mostly, initiatives. I hope to see you all at the next event!

Sara Belligoni

P_20170518_192404Wall Street Run & Heart Walk | 18 May 2017