An Open Letter to International Students

Dear International Student,

Don’t be afraid, instead, be excited.

Don’t be afraid to talk, your accent is part of your identity.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while talking or writing, that means you speak at least another language.

Don’t be afraid to ask, there is nothing wrong with getting familiar with something which is not – at the moment.

Don’t be afraid to try, if you study and work hard you will have the same chances of any other student to get where you want.

Don’t be afraid to go through the application process, it might be more complicated for us, but once we will get there, the reward will be double.

Don’t be afraid to lose your friends in your home country, if they are true friends they will be by your side wherever you will be.

Don’t be afraid to stay away from your family, it can be so hard sometimes, but in those moments, think about how much your family is proud of you.

Don’t be afraid to create your own routine, it simply means that you are growing up.

Don’t be afraid of the bureaucracy, you will go through this and you will learn.

Don’t be afraid to stand up, your status of international student doesn’t make you less important than others.

Don’t be afraid, you will get through this!


An international student