“Boots and Suits: Historical Cases and Contemporary Lessons in Military Diplomacy”

The book ‘Boots and Suits: Historical Cases and Contemporary Lessons in Military Diplomacy’ is being published today in its e-version by the Marine Corps University Press.

I am eager of having contributed to this multi-author effort by writing ‘Chapter 10. Improving Civil-Military Operations in Humanitarian Emergencies’ that stems from part of my dissertation manuscript.

I am proud of the hard work all the authors put into this project, but most and foremost, I am grateful for the support and leadership of our editor, Philip S. Kosnett (Amb. Ret.) whom I thank for allowing me to be part of this project.

Not only this publication comes after years of hard work during my doctoral program, but it also represents the results of a long-standing research (over 10 years now!) dedicated to the study of civil-military coordination in humanitarian emergency responses.

On a personal note, I dedicate this chapter to my grandfather, Bruno Pistoni, who has served in the Italian Navy his entire life and taught me the importance of discipline, dedication, and passion in our careers. His caring attitude and love that showed me for the years we spent on this earth together shaped the woman and professional I am today.

Grazie nonno, questo capitolo e’ dedicato a te.

The e-book is available here: https://www.usmcu.edu/Portals/218/Boots%20and%20Suits.pdf