When Food Unites Us

You know, the Italian culture of food is famous all over the world. The choice of ingredients, the care with which they are grown, and the ritual of eating together is an important part of the Italian social life. For this reason, in New York, if you say that you are Italian, people used to respond “Oh the food!” “So you are a great cooker!” “Please invite me for dinner, you cook and I wash the dishes!” – and we love that, mostly if we like both to cook and to eat.

So, me and the girl who lives in the same building, have decided to devise a Sunday-Tiramisù. As soon as a cold Sunday showed up, with pajamas and ingredients ready to be used, we started to mix them together. Just to say: find all the ingredients has not been easy! First and foremost, it wasn’t easy to find the mascarpone and wasn’t even easy to find the biscuits that, according to the personal taste,  can range from two or three types. However, I did my best, all the ingredients were ready since few days on my table, ready to become a Tiramisù.

We began to mix, organized the layers, taste the cream, but above all, we chatted and she – natives of Southeast Asia, offered me some biscuits typical of her country. So, what it should be a Tiramisù time, became a moment of sharing, where the food allowed us to spend a beautiful morning together. When the meeting between cultures takes place, our minds open and this inevitably generates curiosity, knowledge, and wellness.

Ps. The tiramisu was outstanding, but mmm the biscuits, I need to still work on them!

Sara Belligoni


The Tiramisù we made – it seems and tastes delicious!