International Women’s Day

My post about the International Women’s Day wants to be different. The web is full of news about this day and of course, is plenty of articles about the reason why we celebrate. Regarding those points, I am going to leave the floor to others.

What I want to do is to talk with you girls and women. I am one of you, I was a girl and I am a woman, therefore I know what we are talking about – just because of my essence. At first, I want to tell you something – don’t play the game some people want you to be involved in: don’t put yourself in a category. Yes, you are a girl, you are a woman – but first of all you are a human being, you are YOU. Being a girl or being a woman can be a weak or a strength – as everything in life, it depends on the context and how you feel regarding that, regarding a situation, and regarding someone.

Personally, I feel Sara; I feel myself; I feel a professional for what concerns my job – I do it with passion, because I am committed and I am determined; I feel a good human being, because I speak clearly, I help others with all possibilities, I love with all of my heart, and I protect, take care and fight for my loving ones. Do you see? I define myself for what I am and what I do, not for what others want to see in me.

So, I want you to celebrate yourself today for what you are, for what – eventually, being a girl and then a woman gave you. For me, being a woman, meant to work harder when I was the only girl in my class during the high school, meant to keep my eyes even more opened when I moved overseas and I lived in areas not hundred percent safe, it meant for me to demonstrate ardently my position in order to let others respect it. But went through all of this also meant to feel stronger – I always stand up again and again. While being a woman I learned the life – but the life won’t be taught by the fact I am a woman.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you folks – someone said that “Girls run the world”, and I am pretty sure that is true, as it is true that the world is ran by people who strongly believe in themselves and in their essence.

Sara Belligoni


“State of World Population 2016: How Our Future Depends on a Girl at this Decisive Age” published by UNFPA – check this out here: