NYC: A Milkshake of Languages

In New York walking around the streets and listening from different languages is absolutely normal. The dynamism, heterogeneity, and vibrancy of the City are perfectly reflected in its population. Over 8 million people live in New York and more than 1/3 weren't born in New York and/or in the United States. Because many of those people … Continue reading NYC: A Milkshake of Languages

Being a Woman Professional – in New York City

New York City is stunning. It is pure life, pure feelings, pure happiness.  New York City is populated by over 8 million of people. 4 and half of them are women. New York City is where every business would like to have its presence, it is where startups prolificate, it is where the international relations … Continue reading Being a Woman Professional – in New York City

Metronome (Yes, The Union Square’s Countdown)

Many people, walking around Union Square, used to ask themselves: what is that? It happens when they are in front of the Metronome - or the "big countdown", or even easier, the "numbers of Union Square". Just a few people are aware of the meaning of the Metronome. It is a public artwork that the … Continue reading Metronome (Yes, The Union Square’s Countdown)